First Digital Takaful

First Digital Takaful

First Digital Takaful (FDT) is the first digital Islamic insurance provider in Pakistan, aiming to provide digital general takaful products to individuals and their families.

First Digital Takaful (FDT) is an SECP approved insurance provider operating in Pakistan. The pioneers of digital takaful, FDT aims to provide financial stability to individuals and families, empowering them to overcome financial adversities. By designing mid-ticket sized products, the company caters to the needs of the largest segment of the population, including millennials and generation Z.

Waada has built a strategic partnership with FDT through which it targets to achieve the company vision to provide insurance to each and every citizen of Pakistan. We will be providing the Personal Accident policy via our technology and dedicated team.


This policy protects the insured and their loved ones from financial distress in the unfortunate event of accidental death and/or total permanent disability. The plan also covers medical expenses as per policy including emergency ambulance expenses as well as burial expenses. 

Personal Accident Cover

Please Provide your information, Our representative will call you from 042-333 39292 in this regard for further information