Chief Information Officer - Member of The Founding Team

Karachi, Pakistan

Company Description

Waada is an Insuretech startup based out of Pakistan. 

It specializes in retail insurance currently focusing on micro life, disability and hospitalization insurance. 

Majority of the masses in Pakistan have never been offered an insurance product. Waada’s mission is to use technology to make insurance affordable and available to every citizen of Pakistan. 

Pakistan’s insurance penetration is one of the lowest in the world. Waada’s vision is to bring this, at least, in par with other South Asian economies. 

Waada’s partners in their mission and vision are Planet N group of companies and EFU Life, the largest life insurance company in Pakistan. 

We have our preferences but it’s not set in stone;


  • Experience of working in a startup which has scaled is a big plus
  • Experience in network (SMS, VoIP, IVR etc)
  • Knowledge of call center operations and/or VoIP
  • Hands on experience with cloud based data warehousing and creating ETL pipelines
  • Experience of API integrations and security protocols
  • Experience of creating or managing large CRMs or data input & management systems


  • Ambitious yet execution-oriented
  • Self learner
  • Interested in experimenting with new technology  
  • Prefers working in a non bureaucratic and flat culture 
  • Willing to work in modest yet fast pace pressurized conditions 
  • Interested in creating something out of nothing
  • Geek, a data driven person
  • Keenness in creating equal opportunity and an enabling environment for all
  • Brave enough to start big new projects & brave enough to scrap old ones


CIOs main role will be to manage system architecture, integrations and data warehousing.

This includes:

  • Managing the project with third party network and software solution providers
  • Project includes designing, testing & implementing policy management system, call center system and distribution team’s portals
  • Managing the inbound & outbound calling network
  • Ideating and improving customer onboarding journey
  • Creating, owning and managing the cloud base data warehouse and ETL design 
  • POC for integration with business partners (APIs, data flow, security, etc.)
  • Build team and transfer technology in-house


Competitive salary plus equity options
If you think you fit this role, please send your info to
[email protected]